Wyoming/South Grand Rapids

To all our Lakeshore Sewing friends and family, Thank You for your patronage!

  • From a personal perspective, we hope the past week has been as good as possible and that you are well and managing as best you can.
  • From a professional standpoint, we would like to make you aware of what we are doing to keep you doing something that is good for your soul and your stress – Sewing.

The first priority is to keep your machines running from a service standpoint. We have implemented a Pickup and Delivery system for service. We will pick up and deliver service machines on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • If your machine needs service, call the store during store hours to request pickup and delivery.
  • The cost will be $20 for the pickup and delivery service (Round Trip) within 12 miles of the store. If you are further than that, call and we can work it out. This service starts Friday, 3/20/20.

(Please be patient as there will be a bit of a learning curve on this.)

We are also able to ship any supplies you need. Please feel free to call the store and we will accommodate.

Bernina of America has informed us that they are suspending the “No mail order and no shipping” stipulation in their dealer agreements.

  • This applies to all Bernina merchandise – accessories and machines.
  • If you were considering, or would like, a new Bernina machine or other items shipped to you, we can accommodate that.
  • We have not heard from our other brand suppliers regarding this, but like everything else over the past 2 weeks, that can change from day to day – stay tuned!

Please know that if you feel the need to come in and look at beautiful fabric, or find inspiration, or just talk to someone – we are open and here for you!

– Brian Collins and all of us at Lakeshore Sewing